Leave it to Weezer to have our backs (or to milk us fans for all we’re worth) by reissuing this one again. Yep, their best album that ever was and ever will be is getting reissued for a second time on numbered, limited, 180 gram wax. This release does NOT include the rares and B-sides that the 2004 reissue had, but according to ShopRadioCast it’s…

Mastered from the original master tapes and pressed on 180g LP at RTI, Mobile Fidelity’s analog version of the 1994 release Rolling Stone named the 297th greatest album ever recorded finally possesses the grand-scale sonics that the music’s bunker-busting hooks deserve. Cars frontman Ric Ocasek’s polished production is now both free of artificial ceilings that squashed the explosive dynamics and rid of the compression that saddled the frequency range. Instrumental separation is vastly improved, and the amount of midrange energy seemingly doubled. This reissue is guaranteed to help you rock out.

I was going to embed the album playlist, but Spotify only has the Deluxe edition with the rarities, so to do so would just be a tease. Ah hell, why not.

Release Date – 9/19/12
Price – $29.99


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