RIYL: Acid Mothers Temple, Grails, Cave, Ocean, Conifer, Om

Label: Important Records

Washington mystics WEEED have materialized into our atmosphere once more for another set of monolithic jams and billowing stoned-out riffs, so take a few deep breaths and prepare your lungs for the ensuing head rush.  For their fourth full-length titled This, Weeed teamed up with experimental music label Important Records, home to the monstrous psychotic psych collective of Acid Mothers Temple, the mesmerizing synth loops from Alessandro Cortini, the expansive noise artistry from Merzbow and many many more.  This is a huge step in getting Weeed out to ears that crave a challenge and welcome progressive musical ideation.

First track Haze II shows just how far the group has come since their official debut in 2014.  The track begins with transcendental Mongolian throat singing and morphs into a crushingly heavy psych jam.  The guitar tones paint a thick wall around the cavernous atmospheric textures beneath them as the vocal treatment cuts through everything else in between.  Fans of heavy psych, stoner rock and everything else in that spectrum, look no further than WEEED.

Listen to Haze II after the ‘buy’ link and make sure your headphones are on.  Then, snatch a copy of the record on orange vinyl.  Only 200 to go around!

The Details

First 200 copies on orange vinyl exclusively for Imprec mailorder customers.
"These guys have a chemistry that allows them to oscillate between highly structured rock songs and psychedelic free-form jams without and inhibitions." - More Fuzz

Price $20

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