Call them Wavve Nothings.  Call them Cwavves.  They call themselves Wavves x Cloud Nothings.  It’s industrial strength indie rock from 2 of the scene’s finest and most beloved.  Wavves’ SoCal brand of stoned alt rock just so happens to blend perfectly with Cloud Nothings’ driving power punk.  The results are a slight departure from each group’s signature sound…Wavves get a bit more serious and Cloud Nothings let their hair down a bit and get loose.

Power combos of this magnitude don’t come around too often, and these young knuckle-draggers have just thrown an aural Hadouken right at your jugular.  If you’re a fan of either of these groups, chances are pretty good you’re gonna dig this.  Grab some red wax while you can.  You’ll be surprised at how quick a run of 1000 disappears with these two names on the bill.

The Details

Limited edition Red Vinyl:
Limted edition red dust sleeve
Limited edition red vinyl
Artwork by Nick Gazin
Include digital download code

Price $18

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