RIYL: GOGGs, Lightning Bolt, FUZZ

Label: Famous Class

Instabuy alert. Ty Segall and Lightning Bolt’s Brian Chippendale have banded together to squeegee a pummeling dose of rock and terror out of their instruments. Ty’s knack for hooks and riffs is the perfect bride for Chippendale’s experi-noise assault. First single Double the Dream oozes with the dirtiest guitar tones I’ve heard in quite a while. Holy shit, man. While you’re twiddling your thumbs in anticipation for that new FUZZ III rekkid, this one oughta quench your bloodthirst for a while. For a long while.

Famous Class has a limited helping of colored vinyl after the ‘buy’ link. Most of the copies are clear vinyl with a colored wisp, but a few are completely clear. This one’s a no-brainer for you punk n rollers and a sure-fire slam dunk for anyone looking for musical adventure. Grab one. Fuggit, grab two. Just don’t miss out.

The Details

Rarely when formulating combinations of musicians you would like to hear play together do you get to actually hear it. If Brian Chippendale and Ty Segall made a record, would you want to hear it? If the answer is yes, read on. If the answer is no, it's too bad you ended up canned, suspended in syrup with nothing but other peaches to keep you company.
PLEASE NOTE: Limited Edition colored vinyl is limited to 2 (two) copies per customer. Color may vary across the pressing and a small amount are entirely clear.

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Price $21

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