RIYL: gettin' funked

Label: Vulf / Qrates

Well, there’s good news and bad news.  And some more good news.  The bad news is that you already missed out on the black vinyl pressing of Vulpeck’s newest funky long-player Hill Climber.  It went up HERE on Qrates a few weeks ago and sold like 5000 something copies.  The good news is that the pack of vulfs also decided to released the record on white vinyl and you’ve got until the end of the week to grab a copy.  The other good news? Vulfpeck is coming out with another album, ya dum dum.

If you enjoy bass licks that make your inner thighs quiver, warm Rhodes organ fills that make your thigh hairs stand at attention, funkified guitar rhythms that tickle your thighs, falsetto harmonies that massage your thi–…basically anything related to your thighs…you’re gonna need this one in your life.  Vulfpeck vinyl is in high demand, so if you didn’t get the black vinyl, don’t let this one slip away!

The Details

12” White color heavy vinyl (33 rpm)
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Price $26.28

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