The era of B-movie soundtrack reissues has been upon us for quite some time.  Death Waltz and Mondo have been leading the pack, but countless other labels are following suit.  Cannibals, sorority zombies, mysterious fog, psychopaths and Paranormans have all gotten the deluxe treatment.  No one is safe.

This burgeoning movement has also inspired new bands to take that beloved synthy, bloody sound and make it all their own.  Voyag3r (pronounced Voyager Three), have created a concept album based on a horrific demonic force that sits atop an evil black mountain with intentions of destroying our planet.  That Dairy Queen you love?  GONE.  Your killer blonde prom date?  TOAST.  Only a handful of elite good guys stand in the way, so grab some Junior Mints, send $15 + shipping to Belly Ache Records and prepare your ears for the white-knuckle thrill ride of the summer.

The Details

Doom Fortress is the debut full length album from Detroit’s Voyag3r (pronounced Voyager Three). Voyag3r are a synth based instrumental rock band that draws inspiration from sci-fi, horror, action soundtrack music from the 70′s & 80′s. Voyag3r have set out to create dynamic, epic, moody and atmospheric sounds intended to inspire. This experimental rock sound is like a movie-less score or the soundtrack to a far away mysterious journey. Voyag3r forge their sound with a multitude of analog synthesizers, acoustic drums and electric guitar.

Doom Fortress was recorded using vintage analog synths, electric guitar through vintage tube amplification and maple shell acoustic drums. All music was recorded to 2″ analog tape (MCI JH-24 2″ Analog 24-Track w/ALIII remote) through various vintage pre-amps and a 1977 Custom Harrison 3232 console for maximum authenticity and spirit in capturing this classic sound.

Doom Fortress is available in 2 different colors of vinyl: Voyager Golden Record (Gold Vinyl) and Black Hole (Black Vinyl). Each copy includes a download code and a 12″ x 12″ art print. The Gold Vinyl Editions include an additional 4D 4″x6″ lenticular insert as well!

LP art, design & layout by SLASHER DAVE!

Thanks to Mr Ltd Edition for the tip!

Price $15

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