RIYL: Brother O' Brother, blued-infused, country-fried rock and roll

Label: Romanus Records

It’s rock and roll, it’s country-fried Americana. It’s ROCKICANA.  Meet the Nashville power duo VOLK, newest signee to the blues apologists Romanus Records.  Glammed up and riffed out, this is the music we need to be petitioning our local dive bars to include in their dusty outdated juke boxes.  It’s the perfect soundtrack to the first “Cheers” with your friends to the not-so-friendly pool game with the strange drifters that came in an hour later and all the way to the fight outside the bar after said drifters accuse you of conning them out of $2000 and all the way back to the same seat at the bar where you wipe the blood off your foreheads, shake hands, agree to disagree and become best friends.

Tasty vinyl snacks await you after the ‘buy’ link.  Limited to only 50 copies is the ‘Arnold Palmer’ variant, half lemonade and half sweet tea.  Believe it.  Also limited to 50 copies is the honey bee tri-color variant running for only $10.  If you wanna reach a bit further into your pockets, add the ‘cow splatter’ variant to your bundle.  Those are limited to 200 copies.  Check out the music video for Honey Bee below!

The Details

Arnold Palmer /50 - $45
Honey Bee Tri /50 - $10
Cow Splatter /200 - $10

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Price $10

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