RIYL: Minimal Abstract, Buckethead & Thanatopsis

Label: Perceval Press

An idea forms on the piano wire, and a tentative opening phrase reaches out from the corner of the studio. It is twelve years ago, or five, it is last year, or perhaps it is right now, this waning echo of a standing invitation. We record; nothing is expected, any reply is welcome, any old silence. Time passes as we listen to conversations we’ve had in this space over the past twenty years. They feel as recent as the one we’re having now.

Limited Edition Black Vinyl 2xLP Compilation

Viggo and I just finished our first venture into the world of vinyl.
This is a compilation of tracks remastered from other releases for vinyl. There is one original track just for this release. Mostly Viggo on solo piano but Buckethead and I play on a few tracks. There are just a few hundred of these pressed and as Viggo likes to do, will probably not be repressed. Just a guess on my part but like “One Less Thing To Worry About” this will probably be a collectors item. Pressed on high quality vinyl, 17 songs, double LP set.

Travis Dickerson

The Details

[VM = Viggo Mortensen; BH = Buckethead; TD = Travis Dickerson]

1. Don't Come Over (VM) 3:57
2. Confession (VM) 3:24
3. Den Gang Jeg Drog Afsted (VM, BH, TD) 4:13
4. Hold My Ladder (VM, BH) 5:32

5. Arranca el Viernes (VM) 1:43
6. Berlin Poem (VM) 2:44
7. Fear's Echo (VM) 2:56
8. Summer's Here (VM, DJ, TD) 4:10
9. Moonset (VM, BH) 1:24

10. Ingeborg (VM) 5:54
11. Ashes (VM) 2:18
12. Nice Walking With You (VM, BH) 3:29
13. Danube Poem (VM) 4:34

14. Seed (VM) 2:56
15. Ammends (VM) 5:15
16. Thunderhead (VM) 2:12
17. Under The Weather (VM) 5:36

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