RIYL: Brother O' Brother, Band of Skulls, The Kills

Label: Romanus Records

After a successful split 7″ with Brother O’ Brother last year, Indianapolis 4-piece Veseria have readied their first full-length, a cracked cauldron brimming with bluesy punk & roll and a smeared lipstick sneer.  You can tell they’ve been learning the ropes in the studio, but they’re still rough enough around the edges to satisfy the lofi enthusiasts.  Jennifer Roberts’ vocals cut through the guitar layers like a hot knife to butter.  Wicked combination.

The super limited one-off variants sold out in minutes yesterday, but the gorgeous tri-color and splatter variants, both limited to just 50 copies, are still available from Romanus Records. Those will both run you $20 a piece.  For a cool $18, you can grab a randomly-colored slab of wax HERE.  Check out their newest video below and pick your poison after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Splatter /50
Tri-Color /50
Random Color /unlimited

Additional Images

Price $20

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