RIYL: Brother O' Brother, Band of Skulls, The Kills

Label: Romanus Records

After a successful split 7″ with Brother O’ Brother last year, Indianapolis 4-piece Veseria have readied their first full-length, a cracked cauldron brimming with¬†bluesy punk &¬†roll and a smeared lipstick sneer. ¬†You can tell they’ve been learning the ropes in the studio, but they’re still rough enough around the edges to satisfy the lofi enthusiasts. ¬†Jennifer Roberts’ vocals cut through the guitar layers like a hot knife to butter. ¬†Wicked combination.

The super limited one-off variants sold out in minutes yesterday, but the gorgeous tri-color and splatter variants, both limited to just 50 copies, are still available from Romanus Records. Those will both run you $20 a piece. ¬†For a cool $18, you can grab a randomly-colored slab of wax HERE. ¬†Check out their newest video below and pick your poison after the ‘buy’ link.

The Details

Splatter /50
Tri-Color /50
Random Color /unlimited

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Price $20

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