Really difficult to find anything on this release. It will sell out soon & like the first covers ep (now going for $80 or more) it will be expensive if you miss this. You’ll just have to take a chance on it if you love the band, as I can’t really find any samples. Look like a solid list of bands to cover though.

The Details

rough trade exclusive. super limited to 300, one-time-only pressing. veronica falls specially recorded a set of covers for rough trade to celebrate the release of their sensational second album and here it is on luxurious 12″ vinyl. this 12″ contains 6 covers (one more than on the cd) from homeblitz, bob dylan, the rats, the moles, the la’s and ween. will sell out quickly like the first ‘covers ep’ on vinyl we did.

Thanks to Paul for the tip!

Price – $15

Their Previous Album on Spotify (not this release)

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