Wow… I really want this. I own a few of these (all limited initially to 500 each) and they are always amazing. Now 8 years in the making, Tomlab releases a box set in crazy limited quantity. Among the many highlights, is a favorite song of mine “Hey Dad” by Final Fantasy (Owen Palette) with Zach Condon of Beirut guesting. Seriously, if someone could trap those musical geniuses in one room for long enough it’d change our lives a little.

Anyways I’m getting off the point, this is an incredible set. Get one or forever hold your peace (piece). Too rich for my blood, but I will def regret not having this in my collection. =( Anyone looking for a Christmas present for SlyVinyl?

The Details

THE TOMLAB ALPHABET SINGLES SERIES BOX SET concludes an eight year series with a total of 30 x 7 inch records. It started in 2004 with the letter “A” and did not come to an end with the letter “Z” since the German alphabet includes the additional “Umlaut” letters “Ä”, “Ö”, “Ü”, and the special character “ß”.

A limited edition of 100 complete box sets is available – out of these only 60 box sets are made available to the public. 

The original ALPHABET SERIES SINGLES A-Z were available in a limited edition of 500 copies.

The UMLAUT SERIES SINGLES Ä-ß are limited to an edition of 300 copies.

The following artists have contributed mostly exclusive recordings to the entire series.

(A)Mark Robinson vs. FLIM (B)Pups (C)Nathan Michel (D)Misha (E)P:ano (F)Simon Bookish (G)Casiotone for the Painfully Alone (H)Ninja High School (I)Seabear vs. Grizzly Bear (J)Hank (K)The Blow (L)Les Georges Leningrad (M)Max Tundra (N)The Curtains (O)Son (P)Dat Politics (Q)Alig Fodder (R)Tussle (S)Islands (T)The World Court (U)Erase Errata (V)The Dead Science (W)Numbers (X)Final Fantasy (Owen Pallett) (Y)Bobby Conn (Z)Parenthetical Girls (Ä)Nicholas Krgovich (Ö)Mount Eerie (Ü)Key Loosers (ß)R. Stevie Moore

Price – $225

Listen to Hey Dad on YouTube

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