RIYL: Reverberation

Label: Fuzz Club Records

Everything sounds better with reverb. Stabba-bom bakke.

The Reverb Conspiracy -series features some of Europe’s premier Neo-Psychedelic sounds, compiled with TLC by Fuzz Club Records.

Since the first issue back in 2012, the series has gained a reputation for providing the ultimate fix for noiseheads and psychonauts alike, with it’s shining showcase of sonic sorcery. There’s a span in subgenres involved (rock and roll, kraut, shoegaze, folk, garage-rock, electronic, drone ++), all unified in the love of reverberation.  Dig into the stream of this 4th installment in the series underneath.

In the words the curator, Fuzz Club-general Casper Dee: “I like to look it as a modern Nuggets series… a way of capturing the essence of the underground scene as it is today and documenting it for the history books. There’s so much amazing music coming out now and a huge energy within the scene; we feel like this is an era of Rock & Roll that we’ll all look back on as the start of something big”

Amen to that!

As always the Fuzz Club-treatment is immaculate, Heavy White Vinyl Records in a thick cardboard cover featuring artwork by Nonni Dead (Dead Skeletons).

Reverb Conspiracy 4


1 TAU – Trickster

2 10,000 Russos – UsVsUs

3 Soft Walls – Never Come Back Again

4 The Madcaps – Moon Night

5 The Orange Revival – Carolyn

6 Pretty Lightning – Graveyard Howls

7 Throw Down Bones – Our Home, The Holy Mountain

8 Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation – Dunes

9 Giobia – Sun Spectre

10 Ulrika Spacek – Beta Male

11 The Oscillation – Kissing The Sun

12 My Invisible Friend – Endless

The Details

Reverb Conspiracy Vol. 4 is a collection of 12 tracks from some of the best in Europe’s unfathomably fruitful psych scene – offering a plethora of gems of the rock and roll, kraut, shoegaze, folk and garage-rock variety, and just about everything in-between.

The highlights of the record include the dark, discordant ‘krautgaze’ of My Invisible Friend, the mammoth 15 minute spaced-out jam from Giobia, the ominous and mind-altering Ulrika Spacek and the kaleidoscopic splendor of Josefin Ohrn + The Liberation. Volume 4 also boasts immersive cuts from the likes of The Madcaps, Soft Walls, Pretty Lightning, The Oscillation and Fuzz Club’s own otherworldly psych juggernauts TAU, 10000 Russos, The Orange Revival and Throw Down Bones – each and every track a piece of experimental sonic mastery in its own unique and distinct right.

Price $32

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