Ok. This is cool.

We’ve been over this before. You need to sign up for record subscriptions. It’s great. You get actual physical mail, and new music. Limited music at that!

This is a year long subscription where each month you will receive a 7″x7″ postcard designed by the musician with the record pressed into the actual postcard. I don’t know what to say besides, this is really cool.

If you’ve passed on other 7″ subscriptions in the past due to the cost then you will be happy to know that this subscription is more affordable than most, and also more limited than most. The most important part is always the music and this confirmed lineup does not disappoint. Ava Luna is more diverse than your usual subscription series, and who doesn’t love Girlpool?

I’ve attached Ava Luna below since I need more of them in my life, and I just discovered them writing this article.

The Details

Keep In Touch (KIT) is a year long subscription series that re-imagines the bygone era of pen pals. Each month you’ll receive a 7” x 7” postcard with a record pressed directly into a full color image curated by that month’s artist. Dust off your mailboxes, it’s time to get excited about snail mail again.

Participants include:
The So So Glos
Sadie Dupuis of Speedy Ortiz
Ava Luna
Ricky Eat Acid
Cloud Nothings
Mutual Benefit
Big Ups
Into It. Over It.
…and a few surprises

KIT is limited to 450 subscriptions for 2015, with one postcard shipping each month via First Class Mail. These songs will not be available on this format anywhere else. Every card comes with a code to download the track digitally. KIT subscriptions are available worldwide and can even be given as gifts!

Price $65

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