Insta-buy alert.  Sly Fox detective Dylan Tracy waded through the foggy banks of Bandcamp and found a mouth-watering morsel of delicious Hendrix-flavored wax.

Jimi’s groundbreaking, brain-melting 1968 masterpiece Electric Ladyland is undoubtedly one of the finest pieces of rock n roll ever laid to tape.  You know it.  I know it.  Now, 16 of your favorite modern psych rockers have banded together to recreate the album and concoct a different take on the experience.

Band like Earthless, All Them Witches, King Buffalo and Mos Generator make up this dynamite lineup.  Truly a killer idea and an outstanding collection of musicians coming to pay their respects to the inimitable, most masterful, freaky-deakiest guitar magician who ever lived.

There ain’t many to go around, though, so get to steppin’.  There’s 50 copies on 160g black vinyl, 50 on red/white color-in-color, 50 on aqua blue with purple splatter, and 100 on super-heavy audiphile 180-200g black vinyl.

Listen to the entire redux below.

The Details

Classic Black Double Gatefold 160g 12" 2XLP - Edition of 50
Red(ish) inside White Color in Color Double Gatefold 160g 12" 2XLP - Edition of 50
Ultra Clear/ Aqua Blue Half and Half with Grimace Purple Splatter Double Gatefold 160g 12" 2XLP - Edition of 50
Classic Black Double Gatefold 180g-200g 12" 2XLP - Edition of 100

Thanks to Dylan Tracy for the tip!

Price $26

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