It looks like Universal Music Group is wanting to revisit their out-of-print/rare vinyl records and, apparently, they’re going to make them limited edition represses! As to why they would need others’ money to reissue their catalogue is beyond me. All you need to give them is your e-mail for now, supposedly. Madeline Steinberg talks a little more about it on her piece at Ad Hoc. I’ve put it down in the details below, and you can see the actual piece if you click these words right here. Cheers!

The Details

Universal Music Group wants to get in on the resurging popularity of vinyl. Following the model of sites such as Beat Delete, Universal has just launched The Vinyl Project, a crowdfunding campaign run through their vinyl site, UVinyl, that will lead to repressings of out-of-print records from their extensive library of music. However, while Ninja Tune started Beat Delete in the wake of the Sony warehouse fire in 2011 that destroyed their back catalog-- putting a hefty pricetag on repressing the records they lost-- Universal is a successful major label, which makes crowdfunding seem less than necessary. Nontheless, those interested in getting their hands on some "limited edition rare records" can register here to "be one of the pioneers of this new service." CMU reports that possible releases include albums from Nirvana, Björk, Sonic Youth, Pulp, and The Jackson 5. ~ Madeline Steinberg via Ad Hoc

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