RIYL: Frankie and the Witch Fingers, Temples, Dukes of Stratosphear

Label: Greenway Records

Los Angeles psych pop veterans Triptides are washing back ashore with more cosmic messages in bottles for your third eyes. Born in 2010, Triptides have seven studio albums to their name and a slew of EPs and 7″s, each a grand display of 60s-tinged acid-soaked psychedelia.  Citrusy harmonies and heavy guitar riffage don’t always sound great together, but Triptides turn it all into syrupy psych cocktails with maddening ease.

The mighty Greenway Records are slathering up two cuts for this brand new 7″, a-side Call of Creation and b-side See Her Light. I hear everything from Jefferson Airplane in the fuzzy grooves to XTC in the foggy vocal treatments. You can grab a copy on a gorgeous hand-poured colorway ($10) or metallic silver variant ($9), each limited to only 120 copies. If you’re a quick draw, there are still a handful of test press bundles available.  There are only ten of those and for a cool $40, you’ll get a TP and both colorways.  Not f-ing bad!  Check out both tracks below.



The Details

Hand-Poured (Large Center Hole; lim. 120)
Metallic Silver (Small Center Hole; lim. 120)
Test Press Bundle (Includes all 3 Variations; lim.10)

Hand-poured by Greenway's Harry Portnof and completely unique.

Ships mid-October.

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Price $9

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