RIYL: “The Monster Mash”, The Ghost Ease, The Growlers

Label: SINIS Recordings

If you love Scooby-Doo, The Munsters, The Adams Family; if you ever played Scholastic’s I SPY—especially the computer game; if you want a little ghoulish humor with your garage rock (or vice-versa), behold:

Toxic Slime Records’s The Cauldron, a Halloween “comp”-romp overboiling with creepy-crawly, candy-craving rock & roll. “Comp” in quotes because—much in the spirit of Halloween—the Toxic Slime gang is really a group of four Portland musicians putting on different musical masks, recording in different styles, and releasing them like a collection of rare b-sides…and being frighteningly good at it.

Cassette copies have all sold out since its original release last year, but one cycle of other lesser holidays later, the October-holiday to-be-classic is being reanimated by SINIS recordings, rising from the OOP grave fully remastered, pressed on seasonally appropriate orange vinyl, and with a papier-mâché sculpted rendering of the original cover drawing by Portland puppeteer, Kristin Musser.

The Details

Limited edition of 150 copies of Toxic Slime's cult-classic compilation album, completely remastered for Jack-O-Lantern Orange vinyl. Includes full-color jacket, picture sleeve and digital download code.

Somewhere between a band and a record label, Toxic Slime Records is a group of four Portland musicians sharing a dingy basement studio, trading instruments, concocting musical personas, and capturing it all on tape along the way. This leaves them free to experiment with different styles, genres, and approaches, though each of the resulting songs are unmistakably them. They write and record forgotten gems the likes of which are found only on compilations released decades after the original artists have disappeared from the underground scenes they were a part of. The Cauldron: A Mixture, Vol. 1, their first "compilation," is a tribute to vintage horror movies, to the glowing fireplace-heart of autumn and to everything that catches your breath on a dark October night. The haunted house organ and kraut-punk rhythms of "In the Graveyard" by The Shakey Shapes lure the listener into the album, which hops unpredictably between garage-psych, tribal post-punk, ambient soundscapes, monster-kitsch, and swampy rock & roll. Instrumentals like "Cinnamon Seance" and "Qu'est-ce que 'Goo?'" by The Broomsticks evoke the most nightmarish moments of Joe Meek's recordings or the sinister dub of Lee "Scratch" Perry's Blackboard Jungle, while more cartoonish contributions like "The Creature" by Dr. Gene Splice and "Candy Corn Creep" by The Creatch recall the dusty, novelty 45's heard on Dr. Dimento's radio show.

It isn't an album about Halloween, it's an album for Halloween--a soundtrack to windswept suburban sidewalks littered with dead leaves and candy-crazed kids in creepy costumes. Originally self-recorded on four-track tape and hand dubbed onto orange cassettes wrapped in purple construction paper, The Cauldron somehow landed in the hands of SINIS Recordings label-head, Mehran Azma. Now, one year later, The Cauldron has been remastered for its first vinyl release, complete with newly-sculpted, papier-mâché album art, handmade and photographed by the band in close collaboration with Portland-based artist Kristin Musser.
releases October 24, 2016

Magnetic impressions from beyond the grave, recorded on a Tascam Portastudio 424 MKII in September and October, 2015. Mastered for vinyl by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Mastering in 2016.

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