RIYL: Oh Sees / Ty Segall / Meatbodies / Dead Soft / Sebadoh / White Fence / Laurie Shaw

Label: Hot Wax Records / Autonomonster Records / Krautpop

Canned heat, good folks!

Fans of succulent, fuzzed-out fruits and punkish delights; stick yer teeth into this one.

Falmouth, UK 3-piece garage/punk-outfit Tinnedfruit packs a punch, allright!  These cats has already achieved quite the reputation for their incendiary live-shows, and is now dropping their 3rd full-length in little more than a year. Where their first two albums were full-on garagerock with an alternative grungy, punk flavour, “Boring Art” is a much more dynamic release showcasing their songwriting/arranging skills through a much more versatile expression. Still easy recognizable through their playful and hard-line DIY-attitude, this is gem is destined to please both die-hard fans and new listeners. Be sure to check out their catalogue via their Bandcamp , you might just have discovered one of your new favourite bands!  I certainly have..

Hot Wax Records has in practically no-time gained a reputation for delivering top notch garage/psych/punk to the masses, always with the extra expences spent on physical quality. Their releases so far (King Gizzard’s “Polygondwanaland” and The Chats “Get This In Ya”) has already become highly sought after collectables, and all variants both look, feel and sound simply ace!  I’m pretty certain that this gem will share a common fate, so I seriously recommend you get in on the fun ASAP.

Hot Wax has joined forces with Autonomonster Records and Krautpop for this release, but the Splattered Blob is exclusive for Hot Wax mail-order. If this gem sells out before you read this, be sure to check via Autonomonster , Krautpop or Tinnedfruit’s Bandcamp for available copies of the Marbled Red/Black variant!

The Details

Tinnedfruit ~ Boring Art ~ Clear Vinyl With Red Blob & Black + Pink Splatter ~ Limited to 100 Copies
Tinnedfruit ~ Boring Art ~ Translucent Red & Black Marble ~ Limited to 400 Copies

*Please Note This Is A Pre-Order*
Expecting to ship Early-Mid October

Here at Hot Wax Records we're extremely excited to be working with Falmouth boys 'Tinnedfruit'. This is the bands third full length release and undoubtedly their most well rounded to date.

The sounds and styles are diverse throughout, leaving you wanting more. It's really refreshing to listen to an album not knowing what's to come. The fact that songs on the same album can be so different and work so well is a real testament to how good this record and this band are. The apparent ease with which the sounds transition shows not just a real maturity in sound but is also a clear illustration of the quality laid down on this record.

This is a record that has the potential to really take the band on to the next level.

Price $16

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