Some great Post-rock music here. It’s an amazing repress of their 2006 album. Got this tip from Ryan, and I’m just gonna let him tell it like it is.

The Details

THIS WILL DESTROY YOU ‘Young Mountain’ LP on it’s 9TH PRESSING, yes, 9th… but still something cool going on here!

BAD NEWS: 1 of the 4 variants seems to be gone. A ‘stain’ bunch from the pressing batch labeled as the BLACK POLLEN variant. Seemed like a really cool mess up!

GOOD NEWS!: There are still copies left from the remaining 3/4 and they’re are awesome! With this release came new variants AND a new presentation! All silk screened jackets!

White Ink/Kraft Stock Jacket w/ your choise of GREEN, SMOKED OUT, or TYE DYE vinyl.

Thanks to Ryan Ribitsch for the tip!

Price – $13

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