Here is another solid option of a sweet pressing of this album. I’m not sure which i like more. Check out the previous post to see an additional version HERE.

The Details

2xLP coloured vinyl comes hand-numbered in a beautiful gatefold jacket with digital download code

Incredibly immersive, eerie, sad, sometimes terrifying, other times calm ā€“Ā Tunnel BlanketĀ is the groupā€™s third long-player. WhereasĀ Young MountainĀ andĀ S/TĀ could be played in bookstores, coffee shops, and surfing videos,Ā Tunnel Blanketcommands and provides entire immersion between the recording and the listener. This is not background music and youā€™re not going to play it at family gatherings (save for perhaps a particularly dark funeral). But there is still beauty. In fact,Ā Tunnel BlanketĀ could easily be described as the most beautiful album the band has ever made.

Thanks to Ryan Ribitsch for the tip!

Price – $25

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