Ugh, I’ve been a huge fan of 3eb and actually own the original pressing of their debut, but have always wanted blue. This is a badass box set, but a very very steep price tag. I’m not sure I can part with this kind of money, but I really want to. I know many of you have been waiting for this for awhile, are you buying?

The Details

As a thank you to our loyal following, we've created a hand-signed and numbered limited edition 180-gram vinyl boxed set of our catalog and bonus tracks, including the full-lyric version of “Slow Motion”. The collection marks the first vinyl release for Out of the Vein and the Red Star EP. Four of the albums have been printed in rare colored vinyl, and the self-titled debut features the original cream colored album cover, only available in this boxed set. With a limited run of 500, each set includes an embossed logo “placeholder” signed by founding members Stephan Jenkins and Brad Hargreaves for the band’s upcoming album in 2014.

The box features a large embossed 3EB logo on the front, with Third Eye Blind in gold leaf written down the spine. Each box is also individually numbered out of 500. The box includes:

-Third Eye Blind - Third Eye Blind - 2xLP Black 180gm - Original cream color jacket, only available in the box set.
-Third Eye Blind - Blue - 2xLP Blue 180gm
-Third Eye Blind - Out of the Vein - 2xLP Green 180gm
-Third Eye Blind - Ursa Major - 1xLP Speckle 180gm - First time this album is available on 180gm.
-Third Eye Blind - Red Star EP - 1xEP 140gm 10" - Only available in the box set.
-3EB Embossed Placeholder - Signed by band

Box Sets will ship the week of December 16th, 2013 via USPS to ensure US delivery before Christmas.

Thanks to Daniel & Jordan for the tip!

Price $200

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