I’m over 30, which means that I no longer throw elbows and fight my way to the front of the stage.  I now enjoy kicking it in the back of the venue with a frosty beer in one hand and my hot wife in the other.

When Thee Oh Sees come to town, all bets are off.  I’m bellyflopping into the pit, grabbing shoulders and hoisting myself onto a sweaty mass of outstretched hands like Iggy with a jar of peanut butter.  Thee Oh Sees are defined as a garage rock band, but they dabble in every genre ever invented.  They’re helping introduce the new young punks to everything from krautrock to minimal wave to acid freakout psych tantrums, and they aren’t letting up any time soon.  They’re retired like Jay-Z is retired.  As soon as they mention that they’re taking a hiatus, you’ve got another 3 records flying your way…and those baked potatoes are loaded with ridiculously great tracks.

Here’s their new record, fresh out of their 3 day hiatus.  Enjoy.

The Details

"Drop" was recorded in a banana ripening warehouse (no joke) with hair-farming studio warlock Chris Woodhouse playing drums and graced with the presence of talented gurus Mikal Cronin, Greer McGettrick, and Casafis adding horns and vocals. The result pushes the familiar polarities of the group farther outward than ever before…opener "Penetrating Eye" might be the heaviest Oh Sees song yet, "Transparent World" and "Put Some Reverb On My Brother" foam with seasick fuzz, and yet the ballads, like the harpsichorded "King's Nose" and the lush and stately closer "The Lens", extend their oeuvre into mellotronic, far-out pop with delicacy and grace. This schizophrenia heralds the man and the band into an unseen future in classic Dwyer fashion - with restless energy harnessed into exquisitely crafted jams, with an emphasis on the pensive and the paranoid in turns. Featuring artwork by Jonny Negron. All vinyl includes a handsome gatefold lyric sheet insert. Colored vinyl in the Gold Teeth Edition is Gold, and can be spotted by its gold foil-stamped front cover. Gold Teeth Edition is limited to 1000 copies and is only available here and from the band.

Price $18

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