Will The Walkmen ever have a song better than “The Rat”? Maybe not. The song & this album blew my mind apart when it came out. I wasn’t diggin in the crates at that time and never got one of these. I’ll happily be adding this bad boy to my collection now. I suggest you do the same. Insound limiteds don’t seem to be terribly limited  but it will sell out. So get it or forget it.

The Details

Insound is the exclusive retailer for this special red vinyl version.

VINYL FORMAT. 125 gram translucent red vinyl. Emerging from waves of crashing cymbals and fuzzed-out guitars comes a raw, angry wail. Like other NYC bands including Interpol and the Strokes, The Walkmen rely on layers of reverb and distorted guitars and draw upon influences ranging from early U2 to the Velvet Underground. Lacking the droning vocals of Interpol or the clinical precision of the Strokes, the Walkmen have crafted a sound filled with desperation and bitter honesty.

Thanks to Edward Almost for the tip!

Price – $19

Link Fixed! Sorry ‘errbody, too many beers on the job. heh Happy Friday!

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