RIYL: The Jim Mitchells / Gooby Jim & the Goobs / The Frowning Clouds

Label: Third Eye Stimuli

The Uplifting Bell Ends, now there’s a name to remember.

Straight outta Sydney, this bunch truly delivers some of the finest sunbleached, DIY sounds available. Now, there’s lotsa inspirations to be heard from the masters through their classic songwriting (Young, Parsons, Clark, Byrds, Stones etc.), but channeled through the collective Bell End’s quirky aesthetics and playful arrangements it’s a quite unique and uplifting experience. Extremely Aussie and utterly charming at that! The 14 tracks in here tied together by small clips of pub-chats, continuously raising the good vibes while preparing you for the next tune. Brilliant stuff! Been streaming this one to death since it dropped digitally last week, and I’m really stoked to get the wax overseas for some proper listening. This one is truly a rare treat and a real gem of an album that I’ll treasure from here on out! Huge thanks guys <3

Third Eye Stimuli Records has pressed only 100 copies of the limited Twisted Berry variant on Purple Vinyl, as well as 50 standard Black. The latter might be repressed once sold out, so be sure to grab that succulent berry while available!


The Details

If you’ve frequented a Sydney rock shows in the last few years, you would have had to come across the enigmatic and provocative band known as; THE UPLIFTING BELL ENDS. Certainly not shy of the local scene, “The Bell Ends” have become a house-hold name around Sydney and it’s outer reaches - their potent cover of “Wicked Game” by Chris Isaak being a crowd favourite.

Having been long time fans of the band’s slacker larrikin rock n roll and DIY attitude, Third Eye Stimuli is overjoyed to announce the upcoming release of their new album ‘Super Giant III’ (out on digital and vinyl on the 8th of January 2020).

Their third album in what has funnily progressed into a saga of albums under the same name “Super Giant”, ‘Super Giant III’ is sure to please any devoted Bell Ends fan and will win over any newcomers to the scene. While the album’s cover features an obscure and mysterious scene alike to the fantasy film ‘Dark Crystal’, it’s audible contents has no shortage of ultimate Bell Ends Aussie rock n roll and psychedelic wood-wind breakdowns.

The Bell Ends have delivered a free flowing album that encapsulates not only their entire approach to making music, but also their individual personalities and quirky lifestyle. Prepare yourself for a strange journey through the hearts, eyes and ears of The Uplifting Bell Ends.

Price $21

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