RIYL: The Cosmic Dead, Hawkwind, long walks w/earbuds, sticky green, nag champa, beard

Label: Drone Rock Records

Some GermanĀ droned outĀ psychedelic space-rock to go with that kraut? Ā Don’t mind if I do!

UK-label Drone Rock Records follow up the debut-EP by the awesome Kill West with thisĀ massive plate of jammy trips by The Space Spectrum. This bunch delivers 4 tracks of droned space-jams mixed down onĀ one solid slab, each clocking in around the 10 minute-mark. Recorded in between the band’s two first albums, these tracks presentĀ the energy of a live-recording at a perfect paceĀ Ā straight into oblivion.. get that helmet on!

NOTE! Ā The Splatter Version is VERYĀ close to sold out (thisĀ initially being made exclusively available to previous Drone Rock Records customers and mailing list subscribers), pressed on White Vinyl w/ Cyan Blue, Red and Doublemint Green splatters (to match the gorgeous hand-drawn cover art by friend-of-the-band Niclas Gerull)!

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The Details

The second release on Drone Rock Records is the awesome ā€œDrone Jams Vol Iā€ by German krautrock/drone/psych outfit The Space Spectrum.

ā€œDrone Jams Vol Iā€ was originally recorded and mastered by the band themselves along with former band-member, Jan-David Schulz, in the time between their first two albums, ā€œThe Red Eyed Queenā€ and ā€œIn Search of Droneā€. It has since benefited from additional re-recording and overdubs to include additional synthesiser effects provided by new member, Florian. As the band themselves told me ā€œThe Space Spectrum have spent a lot of time in rehearsals and are now fitting together perfectly as a 4-piece with the new extra synthesiser parts. ā€˜Drone Jams Vol Iā€™ is the result of the band being perfectly unitedā€.

But donā€™t just take my and the bandsā€™ word for itā€¦.hereā€™s what legendary psych fanzine, ā€œOptical Soundsā€ has to say about it:-

ā€œChannelling the greats of both kosmische and spacerock, ā€œDrone Jams Vol Iā€ is a triumph of sparse spacey krautrock. The rawness of the LP is refreshing and the control is admirable; where other bands would be tempted to fall into ā€˜freakoutā€™ mode, these guys keep it tight and have produced an LP of some top level kosmische.ā€

This record has been a long time coming and Iā€™m really proud to announce it as the second release on Drone Rock Records.

Limited to just 250 copies and available in two different variants:-

Limited splattered-vinyl edition (this one):

150 copies on white vinyl with splatter effects of cyan blue, red and doublemint green (to match the gorgeous hand-drawn cover art by friend-of-the-band Niclas Gerull). 50 of these will be going directly to the band with the remaining 100 copies initially being made exclusively available to previous Drone Rock Records customers and mailing list subscribers.

White vinyl edition:

100 copies pressed on pure white coloured vinyl

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Price $22

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