As every decade comes and goes and new hybrids and genres of music ebb and flow through our ears, rock music remains unsinkable, invincible and timeless.  The Number Ones are doing what The Undertones did in the 70s and D-Generation did in the 90s.  They take the punk ethos, throw it into some bubble gum and then smoke it through a Camel Red.  It’s raspy, but buttery.

Are they curing cancer with this record?  No.  Is it gonna make you bang your head for a few minutes?  Yeah, probably.  For $12? …That’s a hell of a bargain.

Stream the entire album HERE for a limited time.

The Details

ltd RED VINYL ** for US customers, you can select the $6 shipping option for orders up to 3 or less ASSUMING you are willing to wait a few weeks for your order to ship - i have to drive to the US to ship them. Out August 5th, ships mid August. THE NUMBER ONES (AKA THE #1s) will take you to power pop heaven with their razor sharp 10 track self titled debut album. They are a Dublin based four-piece featuring members of Cian Nugent and The Cosmos (Matador / No Quarter), Cheap Freaks (Big Neck), Strong Boys (Milk Run), and The Pacifics (Bachelor). Even though they are based in Dublin, they sound like a classic Good Vibrations band from 1979. The Number Ones have energy, passion and tunes so good, it makes you think you've heard them already. Each track is a golden nugget of power pop fun that never outlasts it's welcome as every track is under three minutes. Although this sort of music seems to have been done a million times before, it sounds fresh in the hands of The Number Ones. This is pure summer fun for fans of Rudi, Protex, Exploding Hearts, Buzzcocks and The Tranzmitors." European pressing of the vinyl is being handled by Static Shock Records in the UK.

Price $12

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