Is it possible for me to be more excited? No, no it is not. The National is my #1 so naturally I’m freaking out a bit. That being said i’ll try to not be too biased here.

The first single is below and like The National is so great at delivering, it’s brooding mix of baratone mastery that makes me instantly start the track over again once it finishes. The track continues to build the entire time and does not let go. This comfortably nestles right along side my favorite songs from The National.

On the Deluxe box set, it’s quite pricey. $50 (this is the price with shipping to me) is really pushing the envelope. I would guess many will label this as “Too Expensive” and I don’t fault that at all. If I wasn’t an avid fan I’d probably fall into that category myself. What are your thoughts? Does the box set do anything for you as opposed to a gatefold?

Btw, yes this vinyl box is limited. Here’s a tweet from The National “Vinyl lovers, the limited edition “Trouble Will Find Me” box available for pre-order now from 4AD shop: …”

The Details

- Die-cut box

-14 heavyweight card with images & lyrics

- 2X LP - pressed on 180G clear vinyl

- Includes coupon for MP3 and FLAC download.

Trouble Will Find Me, The National’s highly anticipated sixth album will be released on May 21 on 4AD. Formed in 1999, the Ohio-raised, Brooklyn-based band consists of vocalist Matt Berninger fronting two pairs of brothers: Aaron (guitar, bass, piano) and Bryce Dessner (guitar), and Scott (bass, guitar) and Bryan Devendorf (drums).


1). I Should Live In Salt
2). Demons
3). Don't Swallow The Cap
4). Fireproof
5). Sea Of Love
6). Heavenfaced
7). This Is The Last Time
8). Graceless
9). Slipped
10). I Need My Girl
11). Humiliation
12). Pink Rabbits
13). Hard To Find

Price $45

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