RIYL: Sonoran trance music

Label: Fuzz Club Records

Psychheads rejoice, The Myrrors have done a Fuzz Club Session!

In this series the infamous Fuzz Club Records invite their favourite Psych/Garage-rock artists to do a 30 minute live-set recorded direct to tape in an all-analogue studio.

Imagine the sound of sand, dust and cacti projected by the psychedelic masters of the sonoran desert recorded straight to tape, all-analogue… wowee zowee!

The Myrrors have obtained quite the reputation throughout their career for providing rich sonic textures to soothe your soul and elevate your mind, always in their own pace, always defiant of any exterior trends or expectations. This is one slab I’m really looking fw to dropping the needle on..

The Fuzz Club Exclusive White Vinyl is limited to only 100 copies, and will most definitely retrieve a deadly price on the 2nd hand-market.. Act quick!

The Details

The Myrrors are a mythical force in contemporary psychedelia and one of our favourite bands over here at Fuzz Club HQ. That's why when they came over to the UK a few months back we dragged them along to The Pool Studio in London to lay down a Fuzz Club Session - due for release July 27th.

The Arizona band's Fuzz Club Session is comprised of three utterly bewitching tracks that invoke images of the sandy plains of the Sonoran desert which they call home, yet also draped in an influence of traditional Eastern psychedelia. Complete with the band's signature meandering violins, droning vocals and sprawling instrumentation, the live recording of the Fuzz Club Session allows the tracks to take on an even more hypnotic form. The session is comprised of one track from their 2015 opus Arena Negra ('Juanito Laguna...'), one from a special 45 released back in 2016 ('Semillas Sembradas') and a cut from their forthcoming album to be released later this year ('Note From The Underground').

Pressing Info

Fuzz Club Exclusive - /100 White

Standard - /500 Black

Price $26.5

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