To which ‘tomorrow’ are The Men referring?  For all we know, it’s a tomorrow lodged in a villa basement in Nellcôte, France with the glimmer twins, or a hullabaloo in a dive bar somewhere west of El Paso with Levon Helm and the boys, or a jam session with Jim and company during the L.A. Woman sessions.

Or it’s a tomorrow smack dab in 2014, as if nothing has changed, Lone Star beers are still a quarter and the rockstars ain’t as pretty as their girlfriends.

I guess we won’t know which tomorrow we’re getting, but what I DO know is that if I ever get to those pearly gates and hear them playing these kinds of jams, I’m gonna know I’m in the right place.

Limited red vinyl is also available in a less-expensive package for $17, but those deluxe editions are gonna get snorted up quicker than you think.  Choose wisely.

The Details

Limited edition of 350 hand-numbered copies in deluxe packaging on red vinyl, housed in a silk-screened envelope, iron-on transfer, a cassette tape of a live recording “Live In Zagreb,” wax sealed, available by mail order only.

Price $30

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