RIYL: superdrag

Label: Velocity of Sound (VOSR)

So if you know anything about The Less of Memory, you know that they involve members of Superdrag. The great thing about The Lees is that they’re by no means married to one style and with each recording they essentially do what they want. At the end of the day, if you put John Davis on vocals, they will automatically remind you of Superdrag, but The Lees are a force all their own that don’t really play by the rules.

On this recording, they broke out the sitar and decided to get crazy. Here’s the best part: Side B is Side A played backwards – not only backwards, but the record plays from the center label out. VOSR needs an award for this one.  Also if you don’t know, VOSR doesn’t mark up their records – everything is AT COST.

The Details

"All-Powerful You" is a unique, 5 minute psychedelic trip. Only 400 of this 45RPM single were pressed, all on clear vinyl with a special B-Side, "uoY lufrewoP-llA".

Here's the twist, the B-Side is the A-Side played in reverse! The A-Side has backwards instrumentation in the song so when the song is played backwards, on the flip side, elements will sound forward! The B-Side will also literally play backward on your turntable, from the center label out.
One song, two completely different vibes! Both sides are KILLER and both songs stand on their own two legs.

100 of the 400 pressed will have an autographed insert randomly included.

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Price $5.13

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