UPDATE: The only variant left is the “Classic Black” from Velocity of Sound Records.

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The Lees of memory are back with two new songs on three different variants from two different labels. Got it?

If you don’t know The Lee’s they are Ex members of Superdrag. (John Davis and Brandon Fisher) Historically The Lee’s play shoegaze however at times Superdrag will reappear in some form or another for a song or two.

So you can find this record in two places. One is at Velocity of Sound Records which put out their first 7″ before they went to Side One Dummy. Side One Dummy is of course where you can find the other Variant.

Velocity of Sound – “Classic Black” and what they are calling “Clash Pink” (SOLD OUT). Official press numbers haven’t been released but the label generally does 500 and under.  One reason I always support VOSR is because all there records are sold at cost. So hurry up and get one.

VOSR Variant

Side One Dummy -100 – Rainbow in the Dark Vinyl Color* Exclusive to SideOneDummy $7.00 SOLD OUT

This Variant is very beautiful.

Side One Dummy Variant


The Details

The Lees of Memory are back with TWO EXCLUSIVE TRACKS!
"Ain't No Changing Baby's Mind" b/w "Let's Turn Our Love Up Loud"
This 7" is available on "Clash Pink" and "Classic Black" through Velocity of Sound and on "Rainbow In The Dark" vinyl through SideOneDummy. Please note that the SideOneDummy variant is hand pressed and no two copies look the same!

Price $4.47

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