Rock and roll, anyone?  Up in the city of the raging winds resides three gruff bastards of young with a penchant for loud, snotty riffs, pelvis-breaking back beats and an attitude that’ll strip the calcium off your car battery.  I ain’t got time for holy rollers, but pencil me in for a night out with The Holy Motors.

This 4-track EP doesn’t waste any time.  Silver Forty-Five kicks off the hinges with a sludgy surf stomper, a gloves-off grudge match between The Stooges and The Beach Boys. Slant Six kicks it up a notch with a visceral balls-out party by way of Jesus and Mary Chain.  Lowercase j is the groove The Dandy Warhols are still looking for, and No Fuss’ Misfits-style brew-ha-ha puts the exclamation point at the end.  This is a raucous declaration that The Holy Motors mean f-ing BUSINESS.

This EP is so good, it’s being shared by two labels.  Follow the ‘buy’ link to get to Greenway Records’ splatter version limited to 60 copies, and go HERE for the Jett Plastic Recordings ‘oil spill’ variant, also limited to 60.  If $15 is above your pay grade, there is a white wax variant limited to 300 that will only run you $7.  These bad boys go on sale Saturday, October 3, at 3 pm EST.  Don’t dilly dally, ya dingus.


The Details

The Holy Motors' debut vinyl release. Out through Jett Plastic Recordings and Greenway Records. Available in three variant vinyl colors limited to 60 each: White, b/w Splatter, and b/w Oil spill.
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Price $15

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