The Hanging Stars… Wow.. These guys are part Psych, part Americana and all awesome!

I stumbled upon a video somewhere last year which featured the B-side “Floodhound” and another track combined, and it might just have been my most valued 11 minutes of music in 2014. There was a love and apreciation for American musical culture in there that came straight from the heart, yet there was something different about it. I struggled to find out who these guys were without result for some time (partly due to a poor discription in the original material), and when I checked out the new “Golden Vanity”-video, it finally all added up. The Hanging Stars is a British bunch of psych-pop/rock and Americana loving dudes (incl. a couple of guys from The See See, who btw are fantastic!), hence the “different” feel to it. When I first encountered “Golden Vanity”, my first thoughts was that of Ride jamming with the Anton of The Brian Jonestown Massacre, but after listening a few times there’s a helluva lot more going on in here. Combine the two tracks underneath, and you’ll get it!  I’m positive we’ll get to hear a lot more from these guys throughout the year. Bravo!

Pressed in 500 copies by The Great Pop Supplement, already selling fast! Get in on their debut-release while you have the chance!

The Hanging Stars cover

The Details

7" on The Great Pop Supplement. Edition of 500 copies (GPS122)
Pre-order. Due in on 23rd March 2015.

The Hanging Stars were an epiphany visited upon the rain soaked air of England's green and pleasant land, becoming whole, tangible and real in the Californian desert.

There they formed there mix of lush harmonies, cosmic americana and tuneful folk creating something halfway between the Mississippi and the Mersey, the desert's beating sun and the dark skies of London. Their sound is something timeless and yet somehow new, simultaneously nostalgic and prophetic.

They vary in number, yet wherever they go they carry the rain and the sand with them

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