PIAPTK has opened orders up for this limited release only available on tour up until now. Whether you’re a Flaming Lips fan or you just love novelty releases like this, go get ya some before they’re gone! Check out the other goodies they just put up too!

UPDATE: Looks like they’re all gone as of 6 EDT. Hope you were able to snag one!

The Details


*Note... there are a lot of people that want these. Please do not buy them just to flip on eBay. We will know, we will be bummed, and your karma will suffer.

FLAMING LIPS - Good Vibrations
These 3-holed, 4 sided lathe cut records were created for Austin Psych Fest 2015. The plan was to sell them exclusively at the festival, but due to inclement weather, last minute notice and weird booth location, we have a handful leftover for sale through the site. There were 350 made, and they will never be repressed.

Includes a cover of Good Vibrations and three short "remixes". The large groove and center small groove are on side A and the two outer small grooves are on Side B. The small grooves may not play on some automatic turntables. You may need a DJ style manual player.

Due to licensing restrictions, purchase of the Flaming Lips record does NOT include digital download. Sorry!

Price $50

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