In late 2006, The Fall of Troy headed into the studio with none other than Matt Bayles (Caspian, Minus the Bear, Pearl Jam) to create¬†Manipulator. In almost every avenue of review, this record garnered critical acclaim. After the success of their previous albums¬†The Fall of Troy¬†&¬†Doppleg√§nger, it wasn’t a surprise to see yet another solid review for the now mainstream success that The Fall of Troy had managed.

Today, Enjoy The Ride Records has revealed a second pressing for¬†Manipulator. A much needed repress given the exorbitant pricing of second-hand copies from the first pressing. Check ’em¬†out below!!

P.S. If you’re wondering what’s up with that wide image just below, it’s both printed inners pulled out to create a HUGE panoramic image that works right with the inner of the gatefold!


200 on A/B Clear w/ Red/Pink/Blue Splatter & C/D Clear w/ White, Gold & Black Splatter (ETR Webstore Exclusive)


200 on A/B Red/Blue Swirl w/ Pink Splatter & C/D Gold/Black Swirl w/ White Splatter


The Details

TFOT- Manipulator 140-160g 2xLP Repress


ETR is proud to present the long awaited repress of "Manipulator" By The Fall Of Troy.

Pressing Info:

200 on Clear with Red/Pink/Blue Splatter A/B Lp
& Clear with White, Gold & Black Splatter C/D Lp (ETR Webstore Exclusive)

200 on Red/Blue Swirl with PInk Splatter A/B Lp
& Gold/Black Swirl with White Splatter C/D Lp (ETR Webstore Exclusive)

-The album comes in a Gatefold Jacket with TWO full color printed inner sleeves which lines up with the gatefold art to create a HUGE 48x12 art piece which was featured in the original cd booklet. The 2nd pressing also has all NEW center label designs compared to the 1st run.

-Pressed on 140-160 Gram Vinyl and plays at 45rpm for optimal sound quality

Track listing

No. Title Length
1. "Cut Down All the Trees and Name the Streets After Them" 2:37
2. "The Dark Trail" 4:30
3. "Quarter Past" 4:51
4. "Problem!?" 1:56
5. "Semi-Fiction" 4:26
6. "Oh! The Casino!?" 2:17
7. "Sledgehammer" 6:01
8. "Seattlantis" 4:01
9. "Ex-Creations" 3:09
10. "Shhh!!! If You're Quiet, I'll Show You a Dinosaur" 2:44
11. "Caught Up" 2:30
12. "A Man a Plan a Canal Panama" 8:20

Price $22.99

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