Boy was I glad that I was following Triple Crown Records on Instagram today – they have now posted that the first three Acts of The Dear Hunter’s ambitious conceptual opus are now up for pre-order, with only 300 (for each Act) pressed on to 180 gram vinyl. Each vinyl can be bought individually (priced between $16 and $24), while the entire set can be bought at a discount (for $60). While I wish that they would have released the limited editions on a colored vinyl of some sort, I am still beyond happy to get my hands on these releases.

In 2006, The Dear Hunter (fronted by multi-talented Casey Crescenzo – formerly of The Receiving End of Sirens) started creating a six act concept piece regarding the birth, life, and death of a boy known only as “The Dear Hunter” at the beginning of the 20th century. The first act is his birth, and his relationship with his mother, who then dies at the beginning of the second act, forcing him to strike out on his own and face life on his own. In so doing, he falls in love with a prostitute, and at the end of act two, leaves town heartbroken and distraught. This leads to act three, where he joins the army and fights in the first world war.

Since the release of Act III in 2009, the band has released other albums that aren’t part of the Act story, but that are progressive in their own way. However, none of these other releases holds a candle to the magnificence of Act II, which to me is the perfect balance of concept and execution. There is something sad and redeeming about the record, and while each song can be played and enjoyed on it’s own, the greatest way to experience it is to play it from beginning to end, and now Triple Crown is allowing all us music lovers to run through the first half of this boys’ life, in order and high-quality to boot. Don’t miss out on this, you will regret it!

The Details

The Dear Hunter Act I II & III Limited Edition 180 Gram Bundle


This bundle comes with all 3 titles :

Act I

Side 1
Battesimo Del Fuoco
The Lake South
City Escape
The Inquiry Of Ms Terri

Side 2
The Pimp And The Priest
His Hands Matched His Tongue
The River North

Act II

Side 1
The Death And Berth
The Procession
The Lake And The River
The Oracle On The Delphi Express

Side 2
The Church And The Dime
The Bitter Suite 1 And 2: Meeting Ms Leading And Through The Dime
The Bitter Suite 3: Embrace

Side 3
Smiling Swine
Blood Of The Rose
Red Hands

Side 4
Where Roads Parts
Dear Ms Leading
Black Sunday Beaches
Vital Vessels Vindicate


Side 1
Writing On A Wall
In Cauda Veneum
What It Means To Be Alone
The Tank

Side 2
The Poison Woman
The Thief
Mustard Gas

Side 3
He Said He Had A Story
This Beautiful Life

Side 4
Go Get Your Gun
Life And Death

Price $60

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