So it’s been a little over a decade since their first seduction.  They crawled through your window after your parents had gone to sleep, kissed the nape of your neck and they even touched your inner thigh inappropriately.  The question remains…do you still believe in a thing called love?  If you do, well then, lovers…feast your eyes on album number four by The Darkness, Last of Our Kind.

This one appears to be less focused on the leotards, the falsettos and the excess of the 80s, instead prancing backwards in time to the indulgences of the 1970s.  We’re talking Mick and Keef blues riffing, jumbo jets, AIDS-free intercourse and hairier groupies.

The preorders are coming out of PledgeMusic, and out of the 1000 copies, there are apparently only around 60 copies left of the limited wax.  These aren’t 1970s prices, though.  It’s gonna run you a little over $50, but that’s less than the cost of a doctor’s visit to get rid of your case of the clap…again.  Seriously, keep that snake in its cage from now on.

The Details

Pre-order the new album from The Darkness, LAST OF OUR KIND on limited edition coloured vinyl LP including an exclusive 12" art work insert signed by the band. Includes download card. Strictly limited to 1000 copies and exclusively available here Price includes postage and packaging.

Price $50.75

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