Record Label DFA always makes us hurry on everything. I remember having to search for the Holy Ghost! original release. They just love to only print a few and make us frantic. Well here they go again, 400 only. Get one or get ready to start checkin ebay.

Also if you know DFA, you also know that this album will make you shake your money maker. Solid beats as always.

The Details

It’s finally here! Releasing October 30th, the debut LP by The Crystal Ark. The Crystal Ark is the child of Gavin Russom and Viva Ruiz, and features contributions by LCD Alumi Matt Thornley and Tyler Pope, among a cast of other amazing characters. The limited edition 2xLP comes in a silk screened sleeve printed on both sides and is an edition of 400 and also features a digital download. Trust us when we say It looks amazing – or wait a couple of days until we have photos of the finished goods.

Move quickly, we have a limited amount available direct!

Ships Oct 30th!

Price – $28

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