RIYL: Grand Rapids / The Brian Jonestown Massacre / Dead Rabbits / Ride / The Jesus and Mary Chain / Dead Vibrations

Label: Kozmik Artifactz

“Droney psych mantras, sonic opiates & space glazed kaleido fuzz jams for the all too new dark age”

Yes Sir/Madam, The Black Heart Death Cult has cooked up a brand new pot of potent vibes to trancend your mind beyond our troubled times. If you paid attention and tuned onto their 2019 debut album, you’re in the know.  If not, it’s time to get enlightened!

Not much music has yet been revealed from their sophomore album “Sonic Mantras”, but I assure you it’s gonna be liquid fire.  We know that a lengthy version of their 2020 single “Sonic Dhoom” is onboard, so I’ve attached the single version below for you to feast upon while we wait for more.

Here’s a few thoughts I had on the debut album to give you an idea of what to expect from the Cult’s new album, dropping on March 26th

Damn, this is some fine wall-of-noise psych/indie-rock with mellow melodies and soulful arrangements. Cruising the groovy, laidback vibes of neo-psychedelic bands like the Brian Jonestown Massacre and dipping it in the aesthetics of 90’s british indie/shoegaze-bands on the more full-on end of the scale (Ride, Swervedriver, Jesus & Mary Chain) this band instantly blew my mind! These are some bloody great songs, and the guitars and backline packs a mean, groovy punch.

Pre-orders opened up this weekend over at Kozmik Artifactz, and they’re already moving fast.. There’s a mailorder exclusive Gold/Black Dust variant of 150 and a White vinyl of 250 copies available as I type. There was initially a Deluxe 2xLP set of 100 copies which included the mailorder variant and a ltd repress of their debut album, but that sold out in a flash..

Don’t wait this one out good folks, their debut album is going for crazy prices already!

There will soon be a batch available from the Cult’s Bandcamp for you Aussies out there as well, so watch this space  


The Details

Welcome to "Sonic Mantras", the second album by Melbourne (Australia) heavy psych/shoegazers The Black Heart Death Cult, out through Kozmik Artifactz.

TBHDCult don't sing songs about love, they love. They try to understand what lies beneath & come up with the heart felt frustration of the fucked up state of humanity. We sit at the precipice of the end & they are documenting it one fuzz pedal at a time. Please take the time to listen to the earth. It is crying. This is what it sounds like.

Second albums are supposed to be difficult & this was no different. Founding member & lead guitarist Bill Patching left the band a just few weeks before the main tracking session & suddenly things had turned upside down. Push right on & worry about the rest later. There was no other option. Young riff prodigy Domenic Evans (Fuzz Meadows) filled in for an upcoming gig & two weeks later was on a plane to Brisbane to play a psych party.

Offered the job, he joined & dubbed in the missing lead parts. Mixing was a real mental struggle as engineer Julian McKenzie & the band agonized over bringing the tracks to life. Grinding. "6 months later" as they say!! Many thanks go to Jules on the engineering/mixing & Don Bartley on the mastering.

Like their much lauded S/T debut (Oak Island Records) "Sonic Mantras" is a real mix of styles that blend seamlessly as you float along through their cosmic universe. The original concept was to have the record as a connected journey & the album sits best as a single listen. "Sonic Mantras" opens with the very dark nine minute one chord drone rock epic "Goodbye Gatwick Blues". Not about an airport but about the loss of the institution that was the Gatwick Hotel, an inner city refuge for some of societies most marginalised & neglected. Progress?

The "GGB" outro blends straight into the waltz time space rock of "Cold Fields". Dark times call for dark stuff! Neo-psych banger "One Way Through" is reminiscent of early Black Angels & the drop out organ is just what your ears have been waiting for. The album turns a corner back to TBHDC's 60's pop styles with "TREES" including sing along chorus & mind crushing outro.

The B side starts with shoegaze drum fest "Death From Above" which was never slated for the album but as one of the session tracks never came up "DFA" was reworked from an earlier session with cool duet vocals & ripping outro. "The Sun Inside" is classic BHDC droney psych & one of the first tracks recorded with their now familiar Farfisa organ sound.

"Dark Waves" continues on with the gloomwave (think Blue Angel Lounge here). "Sonic Mantras" ends with what will surely become a BHDC classic in "Sonic Dhoom". A radio edit was released as a single in early 2020. The album track comes in at nine minutes & includes a stunning classical sitar intro from sitari David Balaban before we hear the radio edit section which then fades to one of the most entrancing outros you will hear in a long time.

Just let your mind & your body go!!!! Indeed. Thanks for coming on the ride! Love TBHDCult. See you soon(ish) ...


- 250x 180g solid white vinyl
- 150x gold/black dust vinyl (Kozmik Mailorder Edition)
- 100x DELUXE DOUBLE LP (LP 1: "Sonic Mantras" gold/black dust / LP 2: "S/T" debut album! on yellow/green splatter includes 2-sided insert feat. original S/T album artwork).
- Plated & pressed on heavy high performance vinyl by Pallas Group in Germany
- deluxe 300gsm gatefold cover
- special vinyl mastering

Price $24

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