I say semi-limited, because they have put the cap at 50,000 worldwide & with the set costing $400, it’s hard to think that’s too crazy limited.

But it’s Beatles, you should have them all (or a large majority) in your collection. Represses probably sound pretty great. Thoughts?

From  the Grapevine

Hear the Fab Four like never before on The Beatles Stereo Vinyl Box Set ($400). Not content to simply slap recent pressings of the set’s 14 albums into a box and call it a day, the audio wizards at Abbey Road decided to create new versions using the 24-bit remasters created for the recent CD and digital release. After much trial, error, and testing, they’re now ready for you to enjoy, manufactured on audiophile-quality vinyl with original liner notes, artwork, and other surprises, and accompanied by a 252-page hardbound book. If you want in, you’d best hurry — the set is limited to 50,000 copies worldwide.

Price – $400

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