RIYL: Flightless Records (King Gizzard, Murlocs, Pipe-Eye, etc.)

Label: Flightless Records

Update:  Miss out on the first run of this album?  Flightless Records has announced a second pressing on ‘Alive Mustard’ yellow vinyl. Be swift, young psych-ers.

If you’ve been riding the crest of the Aussie psychedelic rock wave for a while, you may already be familiar with down-under wonders, The Babe Rainbow.  Their debut EP from Flightless in Sept. 2015 (produced by Stu Mackenzie from you-know-who) made instant ripples on a label that just keeps delivering the goods. The band returns this summer with their debut full-length LP, and the timing just FEELS right. Can you say summer soundtrack?

The Babe Rainbow represents a slightly folkier, stripped-down and sweeter side of the Psych rock scene, and captures everything you loved about the late-60’s movement in the first place. If King Gizzard’s Paper Mâché Dream Balloon was your bag, you simply cannot go wrong with clicking the ‘Buy’ button. TBR’s debut EP went fairly fast and fetches quite a bit on the aftermarket, so don’t wait around too long!

The Details

This is the official second pressing of The Babe Rainbow's self-titled debut album. This is a pre-order limited to 500 on the web store and will be due to ship in July 2017.

The record features:

- Mustard coloured wax
- Deluxe reverse board sleeve.
- Download card

This is a pre-order. All items will be shipped out from mid-July 2017. Limited to two copies per person.

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Price $29

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