NOTE: Although the Deluxe Box Set is listed as the main piece to focus on, there are MANY LIMITED VARIATIONS available for this particular release. All beautiful, all limited, all the same gorgeous music!! Details below!!

If you’ve never heard of Pirate Ship Records OR The American Dollar… I’m excited for you to be able to adventure this article. It’s certainly a pressing that all of us vinyl nerds can truly appreciate!!

Mr. Jason Sykes over at Pirate Ship Records has gone ALL OUT for this particular record. With this piece of The American Dollar’s catalog, comes a highly revered work. One that deserves the pain staking attention to detail that it was so beautifully given. Cheers to Pirate Ship Records on this one!!

***Be sure to check out the Timelapse Photography clip below! It’s absolutely breathtaking!!***

Pressing Information (w/ Pictures):

/50 РBox Set *Hand-Numbered on BACK of Box* $125 (Back of the Box from the Main Photo Shown) variants: Black 180gram /56, Blue Raspberry Sorbet /54, Chocolate Vanilla Custard Blend /106, Super Lemon Ice w/Licorice /107, Fudge Brownie /111 inside of a Hand Crafted, Sunstainably Harvested Wooden Box + Digipak CD + Exclusive Slipmat + Complete discography download card + Digital demo link (never released) + Demo Notes in a paper bag envelope *36 Currently Available*


/19 – Test (Electric Cherry w/ Gold Lettering) *Hand-Numbered Seal* $50 Custom Electric Cherry covers w/ an Embossed Seal to add authenticity. *SOLD OUT*

tad test

Screen-Printed Jacket (Black w/ Gold Lettering) $25 РSuper Lemon Ice w/Licorice /107 *32 Currently Available*


Standard Glossy Cardboard Jacket $20 –¬†Fudge Brownie /111¬†*31¬†Currently Available*¬†& Chocolate Vanilla Custard Blend /106 *28 Currently Available*


“It is rare that I can say with a good amount of confidence that an album released this early will likely be one of my top albums of the year, but it is going to take several extraordinary albums to devalue The Technicolour Sleep.” – Review (2007)

The Details

Released on the vinyl format for the first time in the last six years. The American Dollar's "The Technicolour Sleep" has been been deserving the vinyl treatment since it's release and that's why we are proud to announce our continued effort of releasing this band's music on our favorite format. Learning a little about the process from our first release from The American Dollar's "A Memory Stream" we decided to not step back from our deluxe over the top approach of releasing vinyl but instead decided to step it up. We didn't use an all in one type release formula we went to different places for everything and we think the final product looks incredible.

The deluxe variant is kind of crazy but we thought this release warranted that. Coming together in a screenprinted unfinished hand crafted sustainably harvested wooden box. This variant includes all the nom nom colorways for this release:

- Black 180gram /56
- Blue Raspberry Sorbet /54
- Chocolate Vanilla Custard Blend /106
- Super Lemon Ice w/Licorice /107
- Fudge Brownie /111

Held together in a hand cut obi strip.

The big box includes a few extras: The Technicolour Sleep digipack CD, exclusive slipmat, complete American Dollar discography download card, Exclusive demo digital link to the never released demo versions of the album complete with demo notes in a wax sealed paper bag envelope.

* The shipping on this thing is going to be problematic for those not living in the US but instead of restricting sales I am going to put this up for anyone to buy but I want to warn you its a wooden box full of vinyl so there's that...

Price $20

Adventure Is Calling from Shane Black on Vimeo.

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