Tennessee Jet is the pulse of American roots. ¬†The crossroads, the railroads, and the back roads. ¬†The flesh and the spirit, the lion and the lamb, the blood and the sweat. ¬†Even more a representation of these here United States is the diversity in which Tennessee Jet treads. ¬†Blues run into bayou country and bleed into heart-on-sleeve soul. ¬†One minute you’re at a small town revival and the next minute you’re knee deep in the marsh. ¬†Whatever it is you love about this country, at some point on Tennessee Jet’s debut…you’re gonna find it.

I hear the deep-fried blues of the Alabama Shakes, the guttural cry of Paul Westerberg’s slower ballads, and the alt country perfection of Ryan Adams. ¬†Open minds and open beers will be needed for the ride.

Fonoflo Records is dropping 3 different color variants on¬†Sunday, May 24th. ¬†My favorite is the ‘falling star’ variant, but it will run a bit more expensive due to the extra cost of hand-pressing them. ¬†The red and blue moon variants run at $22.50, so if you want the rarity along with the lower cost, those 2 are for you.


The Details

There's only 300 total copies that were made: 100 "Falling Stars", 100 "Red Moon", and 100 "Blue Moon".
Blues and Reds will be $22.50 each and the Falling Stars will be $32.50 (mainly because the cost more to be hand-pressed that way).
There will also be 2 unique custom pressed records available that'll probably go super quick.

All records feature a "Compound 3D Anamorphic Illusion" b-side label that requires a cylindrical mirror to see (like a socket or a guitar slide). Every record will also include a 11x22" double sided fold out insert that features the extended cover art which when propped up at 90 degrees and viewed at a certain angle will look 3 dimensional (another anamophic illusion).

Thanks to Nicholas Gagnon for the tip!

Price $32.5

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