AHHHH I Can’t Wait! Tame Impala’s psych sounds just flow through my veins. When InnerSpeaker came out I pretty much¬†abandoned¬†all other music for weeks. I think I speak for a majority of music nerds when I say I have very very high hopes for this release.

Last time I saw them play here in Denver, I was lucky enough to get to hang out with Wayne Coyne (Flaming Lips) who had flown in from Oklahoma specifically to watch Tame Impala play (he also found his way on stage later when Tame covered the Lips). All this to say, if you don’t know Tame Impala, go get your education on. Anyone know if Wayne had his hand in this new album? I wouldn’t be surprised, he has a serious Tame Impala crush, one which I share.

Ok onto the deal. SIgned copies! But only 100, sooooo act crazy fast. The link is live right now.

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Price – $31

From the Label ( Rough Trade )

Gatefold vinyl with the first 100 copies signed. rough trade exclusive version with a bonus cd. west australia’s psych warriors tame impala return with their new album ‘lonerism’ on modular recordings. again recorded and produced almost entirely by kevin parker in studios, planes, hotels and homes around the world, and mixed by the trailblazing dave fridmann (flaming lips / mgmt), ‘lonerism’s sound is not so much reinvented as completely redrafted and stretched way, way out. it’s a quantum leap forward for the band, the seeds of which were sown shortly after their debut album ‘innerspeaker’ was mixed. featuring twelve new songs, ‘lonerism’s most apparent advance is in it’s synthesizers – there’s swathes of them cutting melancosmic shapes across almost every track. there’s still the searing guitar lines, bouldering drums, free bass and of course parker’s voice, but now there’s heavily mournful pads and sunshine lead lines from an army of analogue explorers in the mix.

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