RIYL: blues-inspired alt rock

Label: Romanus Records

Meet Cincinnati 2-piece tour-de-force Suck the Honey.  Lucas Frazer wails on the guitars and mics and Jack Grove pounds the skins like they owe him money.  They’ve cast a wide net on debut LP All Hail Having Failed as every track steers their rock and roll wagon down a different trail.  Frazier’s vocal range is remarkable, at one point sounding like a hopped-up Jello Biafra and another like the alto-registered Kyle Craft.  Be it the blues, shimmering Americana or experimental alt rock, Suck the Honey has their feet planted firmly in all of them.

Take a listen to the entire album below and grab one of their exquisite vinyl colorways before they’re all gone!  One of their variants, filled with sand, glitter and beeswax, has already sold out.  What, you thought this was a joke??  Think again.  Feast your eyes on a few photos of the vinyl below, but be quick about it.  These things are disappearing fast.

The Details

Hate & Honey"- Sand filled w/ beeswax /30 $45
Tri Color/50 $20
Beehive Splatter/50 $20
Random Color $18
One Off Wonder Bundle/10 $100

Additional Images

Thanks to Chris Banta for the tip!

Price $18

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