RIYL: Kristin Kontrol, Melody's Echo Chamber

Label: Greenway Records

It all started in a shed.  More specifically, it started in a shed on a family hobby farm in a tiny rural township in Victoria, Australia. The four Findlay sisters, who’d go on to become the earthen psych-rock opal that is Stonefield, had been granted their wish of a drum kit by their parents, whose Zappa, Hendrix and Zeppelin records had long been the shared soundtrack of the household.  Who said the hard stuff was just for the boys?  These ladies can shred!

As is custom with all Greenway Records vinyl product, the color variants are gorgeous and you’ve got an option for an alternative spray-painted sleeve.  The milky clear & purple splatter 7″ is limited to 200 as well as the milky clear & purple split.  Check out the title track HERE and grab one or a bundle after the ‘buy’ link.  If test presses are your thing, grab one along with both variants HERE.

The Details

GWY-028 Splatter Edition // Milky Clear w/ Purple Splatter Vinyl // Limited to 200 Copies
GWY-028 Split Color Edition // 50/50 Milky Clear & Purple Vinyl // Limited to 200 Copies

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Price $10

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