RIYL: My Bloody Valentine, Astrobrite, lovesliescrushing, Bowery Electric, Pinkshinyultrablast

Label: Saint Marie Records

If you’ve dipped ur feet in shoegaze sometime within the last  15-16 years, you probably know that Scott Cortez is one of the grand masters in the genre! As the founder and impetus of among others Astrobrite and lovesliescrushing he has served us delish sonic mayhem and melodic walls of noise since the early 90’s. Back in 2004 he united with Shannon Roberts and Theodore Beck to form STAR, and released “Devastator” in 2007 on CD and digital. Where lovesliescrushing builds around ambient soundscapes with treated guitarloops and Astrobrite is a full on jet engine fuzz-parade, STAR lies comfortably somewhere in between with their slightly askew melodic fuzzed out tunes of  beauty and bliss.

Saint Marie Records is now giving this album a long awaited proper analogue-treatment, limited to 500 Transparent Red Vinyl LP’s (cut on 45 RPM for your aural delight).


Funfact: The recently critically acclaimed, brilliant Russian outfit Pinkshinyultrablast got their name from an Astrobrite album with the same title.

The Details

Release Date: 6/24/16

Vinyl limited to 500 transparent red vinyl...
45 RPM for superior sound quality!

STAR formed in Chicago’s dreamy noisepop and rock scene. Scott Cortez of lovesliescrushing and Astrobrite, with singer songwriter Shannon Roberts (Vocals, lyrics), and Theodore Beck (beats,bass, guitars,mixing). Devastator was named one of the top five Chicago albums of the year by Time Out Chicago and NewCity when released.

Price $17.99

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