Delivering kick ass rock’n roll with loud, fuzzed out guitars and killer grooves, Spidergawd is one of the hottest topics in the Norwegian music-scene these days! Their crazy-tight rhytm section consists of bassist Bent Sæther and drummer Kenneth Kapstad from Motorpsycho*, and guitar/vocals are taken care of by Per Borten (Cadillac/New Violators). They’ve also added Rolf Martin Snustad and his baritone saxophone, who constantly pushes the dark sections of his woodwind instrument to elevate the lower keys even further in the soundtrack. Their heavy retro sound is partially influenced by 60’s/70’s Black Sabbath, MC5 and The Stooges, but also adds a lot of progressive and psychedelic jams to their expression. A highly playful and enjoyable effort, by some of Norways premier musicians!


Their debut-album was released in january on 500 copies on purple vinyl, initially only available in Norway through Crispin Glover Records and local record-stores. This literally sold out overnight, and instantly became a highly sought-after collector’s item. The second pressing on yellow vinyl is at this time available worldwide through the label, and there’s already a third pressing happening as I type..  This second one comes on high quality 180g yellow vinyl, and also includes the CD-version of the album. The jacket has been printed with the tracklist and credits on the inside, and the inner-sleeve is translucent red plastic. The plastic outer-sleeve has been printed with the band-name in silver letters, and the whole package is just really neat. Limited to 500 copies and close to sold out!


*Motorpsycho has been an independent institution in the Norwegian music-scene since the early 90’s, and has been bending genres and doing their own thing without compromise throughout their entire career. They are releasing their twenty…something album “Behind The Sun” March 7 through their dedicated german label Stickman Records for the EU, and Rune Grammofon in Norway.  I strongly advise you check them out further! You can see the promo-video for their new album, featuring the track “Hell Pt. 7, Victim of Rock”  here:

The price is set by norwegian standards (might seem steep to the people in the US..), but includes worldwide shipping!

The Details

2nd run of Spidergawd's debut album.

Price includes Vinyl (yellow colored) 180 g + CD and international shipping.

Price $45

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