You may remember a recent post we did for EF’s Ceremonies, from the great folks over at Kapitän Platte Records. Here’s yet another, and a new signing, from the same record label!!

From Gothenburg, Sweden comes SONSON, these guys perform with “the engine of krautrock and the energy of punk rock.” At times, the additions can be quite psychedelic and always interestingly unique in their drive. The vehemency of their vigor is something exciting, for the guitar and bass are beautifully layered to produce a sound that you’ll want to keep playing over and over again!!

This is limited, in total, to 500 copies. The first 100, which are still available, come with a beautiful B-Side silkscreen print (pictured). Grab one of these unique EP’s before they’re gone!!


The Details

SONSON – same 12″EP

Debut EP of our newest signing.
Once again from Gothenburg, Sweden, out of the ashes of BLUEBRIDGE THE QUARTET.
The engine is Krautrock which creates the beat on which bass and guitar are layered, clearly structured like New-Wave-end-of-the-seventies, performed with the energy of Punkrock.
NEU!, JOY DIVISION and the HOT SNAKES need to be named as a cross reference, but also a more psychedelic approach of for example GOAT can be found here.

Limited edition of 500, one-sided pressed on colored vinyl.

First 100 copies will have a silkscreen-print on the b-side.

Incl. Download-Code.

Listen to the songs here.

Price: €12.00

Thanks to Pietsch for the tip!

Price $16

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