RIYL: The Beatles, Mac DeMarco, Mild High Club, The United States of America, Stereolab, Sean O'Hagan

Label: Self Released

Psychedelicate intellectual suburban weed-pop!”

Chicago’s Soft Candy stir baroque rays of sun into a pot of mellow psych-stew, creating a rich flavour that is full of surprises. The mix of opposites in here is damn clever and joyful, and seems to draw a lot of inspration from Lennon/McCartney in their psychedelic prime. There’s really a lot in the mix, and other inspirations seems to include Bowie, Reed, Rundgren, The United States of America and Pink Floyd among numerous other gems.  Fans of Mild High Club and Mac DeMarco will also find their familiar laidback, hazy moments. Keeps getting better with every spin, and is a real treat for the baroque-luvin tribe of the psychedelic spectrum.

Self released and pressed in 300 copies on Black Vinyl, grab one while available!

The Details

A chaotic yet smooth mashup of 60s psychedelia and pop, 70s sunshine, cool jazz, and classical masters, Soft Candy breaks new ground incorporating a wide variety of instrumentation and sonic textures, drawing on orchestral instruments.

track list:
side a:
1. mourning glory
2. your love is mine
3. secret girl
4. just like falling in love
5. h8ers

side b:
1. another day
2. be mine or else
3. is there time
4. the habit

released February 17, 2018

alex rowney - keyboards, lead guitars, rhythm guitars, bass guitar, drums, lead vocals, backing vocals, french horn, trumpet
adam pezen - lead vocals, backing vocals, 12 string guitar
cameron cowles - 12 string and 6 string guitars
alex insco - bass, drums
ben simpson - drums
nora barton - cello
emily nash - violin
allison duffy - flute

Thanks to Jacob Brogaard Larsen for the tip!

Price $22

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